Cultural Dilemmas

Cultural Dilemmas and Issues of Asian Moms in the U.S.

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What Festivals Do Asian People Celebrate In The U.S.?

Easter baskets, eggs, bunnies and other goodies have flooded the stores around us. Last week when I went for grocery shopping with my daughter, she started asking questions about these goodies and if she can have them. This event provoked me to write this post about the cultural dichotomy faced by many Asian moms while celebrating festivals in the U.S.

What festivals do we celebrate as Asians living in the U.S.? How do they impact our lives and those of our children? Do our children enjoy celebrating our native festivals and cultural events the same way they enjoy American festivals?

Many of us celebrate Christmas and get gifts for our children. Our children participate in the Independence day parade and also dress up in their favorite costumes for Halloween.

What about the festivals we have grown up celebrating in our childhood? Do our children enjoy celebrating them as well? Some of us will say yes. Many Asian moms keep their tradition alive by celebrating their native festivals and making them an important aspect of their children’s lives as well. There are many places in the U.S. where people of all cultures get together and celebrate  many Asian festivals like the Chinese New year, Diwali, Holi and Vaisakhi.

We Asian moms should take full advantage of the opportunity provided by this country to practice freely our religious and cultural beliefs. Get together, celebrate and enjoy American as well as your native festivals in collaboration with your and your child’s American friends. Educate them about your culture and make our society a place where our children and their peers are more tolerant and respect each others traditions.

Make your child a global citizen who is deeply rooted in his/her Asian culture, educates others about it, and also respects different cultures.