Cultural Dilemmas

Cultural Dilemmas and Issues of Asian Moms in the U.S.


Promoting Cultural Diversity In The Classroom

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity

America is increasingly becoming a culturally diverse society with growing Asian, Hispanic and African American population. Although the diversity is growing, the challenges associated with it have not been fully addressed.

In my previous post I discussed one such challenge about answering our children’s queries about their different appearance and developing confidence in them about their cultural heritage. Apart from doing this, we Asian moms should also make efforts to promote cultural diversity in their schools. This will not only make the school environment more productive for our children, but also make our kids more receptive towards different cultures.

Asian moms should take initiatives to promote diversity by giving suggestions to their children’s teachers and school authorities. I have thought of some steps we can recommend to them.

Introducing Multicultural Books As A Part Of Their Curriculum. Children have impressionable minds and the little lessons of truth and kindness taught to them in the form of stories become an important part of their childhood. Multicultural books should be used while teaching these lessons which will familiarize them to the cultural nuances of different people in the world. The characters in these stories influence children’s thinking and their actions and make them more receptive of their peers who look and behave differently from them.

Children doing things together in school

Children of different races doing things together in school

Putting Posters Of Children Of Different Races Doing Things Together In The School.Visual learning plays an important role in children’s learning process. Simple lessons depicted through posters like teaching them to wash hands every time they go to the restroom or sharing things with each other while working on class projects should have children of different races doing things together.

Introducing Multiculturalism Through Geography Lessons. While teaching children about different continents in the world, teachers should emphasize how varied climates and topography contribute to different skin colors and development of diverse races in the world. This will add a scientific approach to their understanding of different people in the world.

Special Classes For Children Interested In Learning Different Cultures And Languages. Introducing multiculturalism in the above mentioned ways will arouse their curiosity to learn more about diverse cultures. This curiosity should be developed and catered by arranging special classes teaching more about different languages and cultures.

Educating Children About Cultural Aspects Of Their Classmates. We Asian Moms should take initiatives to educate our children’s classmates about the food, language, dress, and important festivals associated with our culture. This can be done by showing them short videos or presentations in the form of stories.

Exchange Programs. As children grow up and become more independent exchange programs for students of different countries should also be encouraged. This first-hand experience of varied cultures will make them global citizens with open minds.

What are some other ideas which are being implemented in your child’s school to promote diversity? Do you have more thoughts on how we can promote cultural diversity in our children’s schools? Share them with me.

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